PANACeA Knowledge Sharing and Community Building events

EID Méditerranée and the IMC Foundation have participated in the community building and knowledge sharing events "Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy gap in Mediterranean biodiversity protection" in Barcelona on 23-25 October 2017. The vents were organized by the Interreg horizontal project PANACeA.

The knowledge sharing event was dedicated to linking the needs of regional practitioners to researchers and to facilitate evidence-based policy making. Researchers, practitioners and policy making officials have discussed a set of recommendations for bridging the Science-Practice-Policy gap, in support of enhanced management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in Protected Areas. The focus of the event was set on 3 cross-cutting issues: addressing emergent, transboundary biodiversity protection challenges in Protected Areas, sustainable resource management and integrated ecosystem monitoring. Hugues Heurtefeux from EID Méditerranée has participated as guest challenger to open discussions during the event and Maria Eugenia Giunta Fornasin from the same organization has presented the POSBEMED project. 



The Community Building event has gathered together all the Biodiversity Protection Modular projects, along with the PANACeA partnership. The aim of the event was to draw on conclusions achieved in the knowledge sharing event and pave the roadmap to future activities.