Kick-off meeting of POSBEMED in Montpellier

EID-Med hosting the kick-off meeting of POSBEMED in Montpellier, FR.

The POSBEMED project kickoff meeting (18-19th January) was successfully held in Montpellier, hosted by the project’s leading partner Entente Interdépartementale de Démoustication Méditerranée (EID-Med, France) and joined by representatives from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR, Greece), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN, Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation), the International Marine Centre Foundation (IMC, Sardinia), and ECO-logica SRL (Italy).

POSBEMED partners met up at the EID-Med headquarters to present their existing knowledge and experience, and discuss a way forward to responsible management practices regarding seagrass residues on touristic beaches and dune systems along the northern Mediterranean shores.

The opening of the meeting was greeted by the general director of EID-Med, Bruno Tourre, and coordinated by the EID-Med core (Hugues Heurtefeux, Philipe Richard, Delphine Boulet and Maria-Eugenia Giunta-Fornasin) and extended POSBEMED team. Participants from IUCN (Mar Otero, Mohamed Karmass), HCMR (Maria Salomidi, Vassilis Gerakaris, Yiannis Issaris), IMC Foundation (Paolo Mossone, Simone Simeone), and ECO-logica (Patrizia Milano, Anna Antonacci) joined with presentations and fruitful discussions, contributing to the development of common methodological and time frames for the effective implementation of the project.